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Wikistats: for tracking trends on Wikipedia

21 June 2012

Here is an excellent new tool to help you find out what topics and issues are trending on Wikipedia – something most national newsrooms pay close attention to.


Tomorrow’s news is already out there

21 June 2008

Last week I was asked about tracking the use of keywords used in web search.

This is an area of most concern to web developers, but can serve several journalistic purposes too.

From an archival point of view, it can give you an insight into the terms being used by your audience, allowing you to optimise the metadata for your content to make it easier for them to find.

It can also provide you with a means of¬†auditing how you are doing against your competitors in the field, in terms of your coverage (and your competitor’s coverage), compared with¬†what subjects people are interested in (and hence searching for). (more…)