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Wikistats: for tracking trends on Wikipedia

21 June 2012

Here is an excellent new tool to help you find out what topics and issues are trending on Wikipedia – something most national newsrooms pay close attention to.


House of Lords speak out on the future of news

28 June 2008

So the House of Lords has spoken out on the future of online news.

Aside from pointing out the obvious (the pursuit of advertising revenue in the MSM has led toward over-reliance on syndicated news and PR), the Lords communications committee has strongly suggested no letup on current ownership laws, and in fact has suggested OFCOM be equiped with stronger powers of scrutiny. (more…)

Fight or flight? Surviving the online news jungle

27 June 2008

Here follows four interesting pieces on the past, present and future of news.

Last week in the Wired blogs, Betsy Schiffman suggested that if Google really wants to get a handle on the news market, they should gobble up The Associated Press, rather than attempt a much speculated acquisition of The New York Times.

Or that if they don’t buy AP, they should at least hide in the bushes while it demutualises, before ganging up with other big online beasts (AOL, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft) and remutualise under new management. (more…)

BBC News banjaxed by schoolies?

12 June 2008

A strange thing happened on the BBC News site yesterday.


The Most Popular Stories Now section on the BBC news site, which you will find on all BBC news stories at the bottom of the right-hand column, featured a piece about the performance of a London primary school in the latest league tables. (more…)

Whose really winning the online news war?

22 May 2008

Shane Richmond at the Torygraph must have pinched himself this morning.

Last week saw him manning the barricades, and issuing a pre-emptive rebuttal to a (what was at the time brewing) story about far-right infiltration at Mytelegraph, from the presses of his main online rival, The Grauniad.

What better way to stick two fingers up to your nearest competitor then, than to trumpet your newly won crown as the UK’s number one newspaper website, even if the margin of victory may be transient? (more…)