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#Wikileaks detractors: let’s have some consistency please

18 December 2010

#Radio4 #Today broadcast an ill-tempered ‘debate’ between John Pilger and Janet Daley earlier this morning.

Daley made one particular point which deserves further scrutiny.  Apparently she’d like to see Julian Assange arrested for his role in handling the ‘illegally stolen’ diplomatic cables.

I do not remember her being quite so forthright with regard to the Telegraph editors who got their hands on the MPs expenses material early last year.

The question of ethics  (and legality) in this story didn’t really take off at the time – so agog were the public (and no doubt prosecutors) at the waste that was going on in Westminster.

Back then those on the left and right united to defend this act of chequebook journalism, but today it seems  the right are feeling much less solidarity.

It seems that when the invisible hand of American diplomacy is at stake, some find the truth a little too hard to handle.


Janet Daley’s head disappears up her moral maze

3 June 2008

Janet Daley, probably the highest paid troll in the UK’s media, has lashed out at dear old Aunty today.


And although I know nothing good will come of this, I’ve decided to bite. (more…)