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Tracking what people say on Facebook

9 September 2008

Here’s something on using Google to find Facebook conversations.


As things stand, I haven’t yet found a way within Facebook to keyword search discussions. But try the following advanced search string for an insight into what people are saying about the BBC: bbc


If you search Facebook for BBC you can filter your results according to People, Pages, Groups, Events, Applications.  However, this is a very clunky way of finding out what people are saying – and moreover, groups which don’t feature the word BBC, but where the BBC is nonetheless being discussed, will not be included in the results. (more…)


Tips and tricks for developing current affairs ideas

23 July 2008

I’ve been training in BBC Gloucester today.


One story which has featured strongly in the newsroom (though as I blog, I’m not sure if it will definitely feature on the local news here later), is that of the woman who suffered brain damage as a result of undergoing the Amazing Hydration Diet.


Using this story, I’m going to share how various tools from around the web can help you create, and more importantly develop ideas for news packages, and current affairs features. (more…)