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Introduction to Computer Assisted Reporting

1 December 2010

On Monday I introduced our MAs to Computer Assisted Reporting.

My job was made easier given Wikileaks latest release dominating Sunday’s (and Monday’s) papers.  This story (indeed all of the major Wikileaks stories this year) are a testament to the power of Computer Assisted Reporting.

For many years we have lagged far behind the US (and to a lesser extent some continental European countries), but in Wikileaks, CAR in the UK has truly come of age.

However, it would be wrong to assume that CAR is only helpful when looking for needles in haystacks in big, international stories.

CAR is just as useful in a local context.

For that reason (and partly because our course is NCTJ-accredited), I’ve drawn my examples from local news issues; crime in London, and Hillingdon Council’s incomings and outgoings.  The second example in particular, is intended to be taught in conjunction with local Public Affairs.

The files are here:

CAR script_2010_Murray_Dick_2010

CAR_examples_with working_Murray_Dick

Here’s hoping for a revolution in data manipulation in the weeks and months ahead.


Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR): some sources

30 September 2008

Here follows the lecture prompts for part II of my 2008/9 lectures on Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR). For part II on theory – see here (more…)