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Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR): some theory

14 October 2008


Here follows the lecture prompts for part I of my 2008/9 lectures on Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR). For part II on sources – see here.

Because of the speed at which new initiatives (and relevant research examples) come and go in this field, I’ll be adding updates on this post from time to time.

But to stay fully up to date with developments, keep an eye on my blog and website. (more…)


Seesmology: the science of contributor finding

3 October 2008

Today I’m thinking about the potential in Seesmic. (more…)

Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR): some sources

30 September 2008

Here follows the lecture prompts for part II of my 2008/9 lectures on Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR). For part II on theory – see here (more…)

Tracking what people say on Facebook

9 September 2008

Here’s something on using Google to find Facebook conversations.


As things stand, I haven’t yet found a way within Facebook to keyword search discussions. But try the following advanced search string for an insight into what people are saying about the BBC: bbc


If you search Facebook for BBC you can filter your results according to People, Pages, Groups, Events, Applications.  However, this is a very clunky way of finding out what people are saying – and moreover, groups which don’t feature the word BBC, but where the BBC is nonetheless being discussed, will not be included in the results. (more…)

Delicious re-appraised

5 August 2008

Mashable carries a piece on the cult of social bookmarking here.


It’s a thorough, and timely polemic covering some of the less agreeable aspects of social bookmarking. 


Most worryingly it raises the spectre of a bookmarks arms race, instigated by those who treat Delicious as a popularity contest – only a matter of time, I suppose, given how tempestuous relations between search communities and their services can be. (more…)