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Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR): some sources

30 September 2008

Here follows the lecture prompts for part II of my 2008/9 lectures on Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR). For part II on theory – see here (more…)


Checking whose who in health

20 June 2008

Here’s some more sources from the vaults of Negative Checking.


This morning I asked my distinguished colleague who specialises in the field for some other people-finding tips – this time in the field of health. (more…)

‘Googlebombing’ Amazon: publishers get smart

11 May 2008

So it seems even book publishers are getting in on the SEO game these days, according to this piece of speculation in today’s Torygraph.

Its frankly amazing (if true) that we are moving from a period in which librarians and archivists had to make the best of whatever information trickled through from publishers, to an era in which the very creation of fiction incorporates its ease of finding online. (more…)

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! LinkedIn vs Facebook

7 May 2008

On Read Write Web today there’s a stramash afoot: LinkedIn vs Facebook.

The focus of this article is on which is the better for keeping and establishing professional contacts. Taking this to its logical conclusion (for this blog, at any rate) I thought it might be useful to pit the two against each other for the purposes of finding journalistic contacts.

So... let’s say we are after an expert to pass comment on James Whale‘s attempts to influence the public during last week’s Mayoral Election, through comments made during his radio show on Talksport (for which he quite rightly got the tin-tac). We’re after an expert on media impartiality, or political influence on the media. (more…)