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New grams research source – TV Ad Music

9 October 2008

One of my distinguished colleagues pointed out a new source today. (more…)


Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR): some sources

30 September 2008

Here follows the lecture prompts for part II of my 2008/9 lectures on Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR). For part II on theory – see here (more…)

Duck and cover historic events with Prelinger Archives

16 June 2008

Today I learned of a new video archive source – Prelinger Archives.

The content is made up mostly of early US public information content – incorporating advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur subject matter, both professional and amateur, from 1927 to the present day. (more…)

The future of music recommendations

4 June 2008

Where do you go when you want to hear new music – a friend, or a computer?

Sounds like a trivial question, but it becomes rather a pressing one if you are a (friendless or otherwise) broadcast journalist looking for appropriate music to capture the mood of the piece you’re working on. (more…)

The Internet Archive: FBI reigned in

9 May 2008

Any journalist using the Internet Archive for investigative purposes should heave a sigh of relief today.


The FBI have retracted a secret demand for information on users of the service, after a US Court ruled this area of The Patriot Act unconstitutional.


The archive is an amazingly useful research tool – while the ‘cache’ option under Google results offers you a snapshot of webpages up to a couple of months old, the archive, a non-profit Internet Library, has been capturing and archiving web content since 1996. (more…)