Lord Tebbit and BP: (edit) nothing to declare

In this blog post, I questioned Lord Tebbitt’s integrity(in a rather weasel-worded way) as part of a wider article about BP’s responsibilities viz the Deep Water Horizon disaster.  I suggested that if Lord Tebbitt were the director of ‘Spider International Ltd’,  that his views would be compromised, because of their contractual links with BP.

This suggestion (despite what I found in the Lords’ register of interests) proved to be unfounded.

Two days after publishing this post, I decided to unpublish while I worked out what to do.  Scoring-through the ‘wrong bits’ didn’t seem to do it justice (as the whole article was predicated on something that wasn’t true), but I didn’t want to delete the post forever without finding a solution of sorts.

I decided, having looked at various publishing models which deal with corrections online (and off-), to make this post public again (so the comments stay as they are), but to delete the erronous post, as it serves no useful purpose – and put this explanatory text in its place.

My thoughts on what to do with this post have inspired a conference paper – the slides for which you can view here.

This post was originally published on June 10th, then published privately between June 12th and October 22nd 2010.

It will stay up here from today until I stop publishing on this blog. Or until the end of the world – whichever comes first.


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3 Responses to “Lord Tebbit and BP: (edit) nothing to declare”

  1. politicalcustard Says:

    I’m not sure I’d call Norman Tebbit a ‘heavyweight’ in UK politics, he’s a faded old side-kick of Margaret Thatcher’s known for expressing racist, right-wing opinions, and his execrable scribblings in a column in The Daily Mail, a much despised hate-mongering tabloid rag.

  2. dogmacoffee Says:

    Spider International Limited is in no way affiliated with the Seattle-based SafeWorks LLC, of which Spider, Power Climber and Power Climber Wind are divisions.

  3. Murray Dick Says:

    Fair enough – though its a strange coincidence that two entirely unaffiliated companies, one called ‘Spider’, the other called ‘Spider International Ltd’ both happen to work in the construction safety market, isn’t it? 🙂

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