Spectator vs Carter-Ruck: bravery or bandwagonry?

So The Spectator is first to peep above the parapet on the story that will not be gagged: #Trafigura.

Gallus Alex Massie has chosen to take those legal bullies on, after taking stock of the wave of outrage expressed across the social media.  A calculated risk no doubt.

I find it interesting, though, that he chose to attack the BBC for not (at the time of writing) having run a story on this (they since, of course, have).

Had Alex done a little research he would know that the BBC were are in the process of being sued for libel having previously reported on this waste scandal, broadcast on Newsnight, on 13 May 2009.

You can hardly accuse them of not having done their part.

Meanwhile, a quick search of trafigura site:spectator.co.uk shows that the Specator’s interest in this story spans as far back as….today. 

Now that’s a smart bit of bandwagonry.


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