New delicious features – where’s the feed?

Last week Delicious announced some new options, the most useful of which falls within Search refinement and graphing features.

Having had a quick play, it occurs that – yes, this is a welcome move, both from a visual and ease-of-search perspective.  The new feature lets you filter down to results saved in the last five minutes, rather than the previous day – which is welcome as far as real-time newsgathering is concerned.

What’s not so useful, however, is that it doesn’t seem possible (I assume, based on several tries) to lift an RSS feed from your search results – the generic feed which shows up once your search results are returned/filtered is of little help when narrowing your focus.

If you are looking to keep uptodate with delicious saves as they are made without making use of a delicious widget in iGoogle (and the like), it seems you have to continue down the manual, delicious/tag/<tag name> route.  But this also means (I assume) that you can’t combine a search term with a tag – which seems a bit like a missed opportunity.

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