How not to build an online community

Last week brought news that the Daily Mail are going to stop pre-moderating comments on their website.

Legal issues aside, this move was seen as a good way for the Mail to make the most of it’s existing community, and widen it further still, because:

Having users comment on articles is a great way to increase engagement with a website, and have people coming back to keep up with ongoing debates, making for a stickier experience and more page impressions.

So what a shame they went and spoiled it all this week, by ripping off another longer-established online community – the Mumsnet forum.

I only hope this cheap shot doesn’t sour relations between the Mumsnet community and the wider pool of responsible journalists and broadcasters, who are genuinely interested in reporting their experiences and opinions, as opposed to reverse-publishing their comments without consent to pad out the day’s edition.

Still it goes to show – there’s few things stickier online than a spot of cut-n-paste



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