Google News stops offering boolean in RSS?

Ever since Google News lost its RSS button in search results (leaving my browser to do the job of notifying when RSS is available), I’ve noticed a feed I’ve got for a search on FOI OR “freedom of Information” is rendering some weird results in my reader pane, here (check the description text):

When you click on one of the links, you get a new page opening up with the following message:

Now that’s not to say that the feed no longer  works – copy and paste any of the titles which come back in my original feed into Google and you’ll find the article.  But it’s an unnecessary extra step.  And what’s worse, if you now try and save a new boolean search in Google News as RSS (lets say the same one above), you’ll find you can’t.

If you click on the More Information tab in the Feed Code Error page, it says A semi colon character was expected. followed by a lot of RSS that actually shows the links to stories, along with the error code.

Fair doos, boolean isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but for some of us it is important. Any chance we could have it back, please or if someone could tell me if I’m going wrong somewhere? 🙂


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