New beginnings

Hello world.

As of September 1st I will be an employee of Brunel University, where I’ve been drafted in to teach (and research) multi-platform journalism.

I am really, really excited about this – in fact I hope it doesn’t seem too dorky to have it on record that this is as close to my dream job as I’ve come. Well, cat’s out the bag now…

I will be leaving behind day-to-day work at the CIJ, which makes me genuinely sad – I’ve met some inspiring, and incredibly talented people along the way, but more importantly made some very good friends too.

But I’m not going far, and I will be keeping my ties with CIJ close – indeed I’m hoping a couple of research projects I got involved in at the CIJ will develop into academic projects at Brunel.

In the coming months I’ll be blogging and twittering from my own accounts a lot more, as my successor takes on the responsibility of keeping the CIJ News Blog, and website up-to-date. 

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided that for the most part I’m going to continue  focusing mostly on tips, tricks and sources for journalistic research here, given how comprehensive (and good) a job other folks are doing in other areas of online journalism.

I will likely put my teaching ideas out there for peer-review now and then, but for the most part it’ll be back to where I started – and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you all again…


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