Capital idea – or it certainly would be

Nothing rhymes with ‘orange’.

But when it comes to search there is an altogether different problem with this word (and many others).

If you’re searching for the colour orange, it’s unlikely that references to the company of the same name, will be relevant to you.

And if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be grand if your search engine took steps to differentiate colour from company?  Afterall, the latest Find- option in IE8 allows you to do it on individual pages.

Providing surfers with a means of case-sensitive searching is one such option – and it used to be available in some free engines (notably Alta Vista).  Today though, only semantic search engines factor in case-sensitivity in search – which is understandable, given they *understand* the difference between orange the colour (and fruit), and Orange the company.

I suppose it could fairly be argued that some aspects of semantic search should obviate the problem of case-sensitivity in any search, but given how far away a reliable, general purpose semantic engine seems at present, wouldn’t it make sense to incorporate this option into the Googles, Bings and Yahoos of this world?

While there has previously been some confusion about case-sensitivity in Google results, (since resolved) it is nonetheless possible to try case-sensitive searching in Google via this bespoke appengine.

That said, there is an important caveat  – those titles or sentences which start with the word Orange are (of course) capitalised, so it can be a bit of a fuzzy way to do things.

Still, it’s an interesting project, and well worth a look.



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