MP with majority of 920 vows to clean up Parliament

Strong words from Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell in The Indy today.

He’s not pleased.  Not pleased at all with the whole MPs expenses debacle.

So displeased is he, that the above polemic was run to coincide with his submission of a no-confidence motion in Speaker Martin in Parliament earlier today.

Here he lays out his stall:

It is time for change. Progressive reformers on all sides of the chamber need to come together and elect a new Speaker by secret ballot. The new Speaker – owing their position to the legislature, rather than to government whips – needs to clean up Westminster and to ensure our political class is made truly accountable again.

Truly accountable again?  When precisely in modern history was Westminster ever ‘truly accountable’ in it’s oversight of expenses?

But I digress – the key bit in this article occurs a couple of paragraphs up:

Without proper accountability to the voters, our politicians have become a caste apart. They have exempted themselves from the rules that they impose on the rest of us, including tax-free incomes off-balance sheet expenses; opt-outs from Freedom of Information laws, and dispensation not to apply equality legislation to political parties.

…which is a laudable sentiment ,I’m sure we’d all agree.

…were it not for Mr Carswell’s less than sterling voting record on a transparent Parliament – as outlined on his page on the They Work For You site

No votes since 2001 on this issue isn’t the proudest record for a self-styled ‘progressive reformer’.

Now there’s some opportunism that would put Mussolini to shame.


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