A couple of tips for blog search

Contributor finding


Say you are contributor finding, on the lookout for a blogger who happens to be a certain profession – lets say a nurse.


You can try searching nurse blog in Google, but the results are pretty flaky – only two independent nurses’ blogs are returned, along with loads of wrong results.


By contrast, try an Advanced Google Blog search for nurse within the By Author filter, and you will find far more.


This could be because the By Author filter searches through About pages of blogs, which will often include keywords about what profession bloggers are – especially where its relevant to the subject of the blog.


Or it could just be magic – if I’m being honest, I don’t know for sure…


Forward planning


Tip number two – how to get forward planning tips from blogs.


Blogs are a great source of forward planning events – from political/social activists, to folks sharing information about their jobs, hobbies and pastimes.

As such, try searching for the phrase “next week” or “next month” for a subject (say environment) over the last week of blogposts (see the datespan option in Advanced Google Blog search.


These results include some genuinely useful ones (despite the top one being a bit random).

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