Dacre’s outrage: ‘morals’ and money

Hells bells.


Paul Dacre is worried that democracy is going down the pan.  Or, more accurately, he is vexed about his newspapers’ unfettered right to pry into the sex lives of the rich and famous.


Of Max Mosely’s successful privacy action against the News of the World, Dacre is furious – not because Mosely committed a crime, but because:

most people would consider Mr Mosley’s activities to be perverted and depraved.

Oh dear – I sense a perversion of the Public Interest coming on…


If democracy is forcing celebrities to imagine Mr Dacre standing in the corner of their bedroom judging them right, wrong and perverted, then no wonder we’re in the state we’re in.


But Mr Dacre, sword of truth in one hand, chastity belt in the other, isn’t so much concerned with Mosely’s sexual habits (despite the soaring sales they generated for his puritanical organ).  He goes on…

“I personally would rather have never heard of Max Mosley and the squalid purgatory he inhabits.


“It is the others I care about – the crooks, the liars, the cheats, the rich and the corrupt sheltering behind a law of privacy being created by an unaccountable judge.”

What’s this – the Daily Mail and serious investigative journalism?


When exactly was the last time the Daily Mail ran an investigative expose on the political classes which sought to hold them to account, rather than sneer at their class, private lives or ‘morals’?


And while Dacre, Murdoch and the like foam at the mouth – how come there aren’t any senior figures at the Independent, Telegraph and Guardian (you know – those papers who actually DO undertake serious investigative journalism) who have opined on this issue?


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