The Daily Mail and ‘morality’

It’s been a difficult week for the BBC.

But in these difficult times, it is heartening to know we can rely on The Daily Mail to guide us through the morass of moral decline, and back toward the path of righteousness.

What we need now more than ever is The Daily Mail to set us on the straight and narrow; those custodians of decency, those guardians of moral normalcy.

Tough times call for tough men – brave, strong, straight-talking men.

Men like Richard Littlejohn – whose shoulders are broader than Tolstoy’s.

He’s just furious about what’s happened, especially the…

‘systemic’ failures that allowed them [Brand and Ross] to bully and ridicule an old man and his granddaughter in the name of ‘entertainment’.

But hang on.

This is the same Richard Littlejohn who implied Peter Mandelson is a paedophile in his column last week (check the ‘Rue des Jeunes Garcons‘ reference here).

Oh well, never mind. It’s still heartening to know that Middle Britain’s moral avenger Stephen Glover has our best interests at heart. Of Mark Thompson he laments…

How could a man of such high morals preside over the BBC’s descent into the gutter

It might well be asked how could a man of Stephen Glover’s high morals use his position to defend convicted fraudster Conrad Black, not once but twice? (note to Mr Glover – fraud is immoral, rather than ‘indecent’ – however you chose to define it).

One final thing for consideration on the rather thorny issue of persecuting vulnerable people.

On several occasions this week The Mail has rallied against the abuse, and the disgusting and gratuitously cruel behaviour metted out to Andrew Sachs.

The Mail’s sister paper indulged us with some of Mr Sachs biography – namely that…

Mr Sachs, who was born in Germany but emigrated to Britain in 1938 to escape the Nazi persecution of Jews, still works regularly on TV and radio, including Radio 4’s spiritual programme Something Understood.

I wonder if anyone at Associated Press has stopped to think about how their newspapers’ historic flirtation with Nazism and their venal opposition to Jewish pre-war immigration, might have impacted on Mr Sachs and hundreds of thousands of other vulnerable people fleeing something a little more worrying than a prank phone-call.

And I very much doubt it.

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One Response to “The Daily Mail and ‘morality’”

  1. irritatedinlondon Says:

    Faugh. This article is a perfect summation of what is irritating about BBC folk. It’s a snapshot of the trendy moral relativist in action – dripping with sarcasm, in a hurry to show that detractors are no better than itself, and willing wholly to exculpate itself on that basis.
    It’s this set of smug, complacent, ill thought through attitudes that get the BBC to the shameful place it is in today. Every BBC employee should be ashamed of what happened – really disgusted at these antics. Ad if in fact you were in the slightest bit ashamed, you would take the criticism from whatever quarter, and think about it humbly, and act on it – not play trivial and stupid point scoring games in return. When you find yourself smugly blaming people for the actions of their organisation 70 years ago, perhaps you just might be on weak ground?
    I don’t expect anything from the Mail. It’s a private business. It sells a product that I don’t buy.

    You at the BBC have your snouts buried in the trough of public funds. Poor women go to jail because they cannot pay the tax to pay you and Ross and Bland. Your fascist TV Licencing database adverts show us the contempt you hold us in. Do not be surprised when that contempt is returned with interest.

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