RSS amnesty

Yesterday I was asked how I keep up on new developments.

The field of CAR/ Online research/ Online journalism (etc.) is a difficult one to keep tabs on, in my humble opinion. I get leads from blogs and publications from here there and everywhere (never mind Twitter) – so its hard to sum it all up in a sentence or two, never mind a source or two.

Having recently moved from Bloglines to Google Reader, it occurred to me that I could share with other people the xml doc I created in the process, containing all the RSS feeds I subscribe to.

But my current batch seem messy – full of dead links.  Also, my folders contain a few odds and sods on Scottish football, which I imagine will be of limited use/ interest to anyone but myself.

And so tonight I’ve gone back to those Bloglines feeds, and have weeded out the dead, redundant (and football-related) feeds, added a few more I should have been subscribing to all along, and have organised them all into three folders – Online Journalism, Search Awareness, and Technology.

Here they are – if you want to upload them to your Feed Reader of choice, try the following:

  • Download the xml doc locally

  • Log into your Feed Reader

  • Find the Options section (or nearest approximate)

  • Find the Import Subscriptions option (or equivalent), then;

  • Upload the feeds.

Apologies for those who work with RSS via their browser, I confess I’ve no idea how this works with them.

Also apologies to anyone in the field whose feeds I’ve not included here. My choice of feeds is an inexact science at the best of times, but factoring in how little spare time I seem to find these days to actually read them, I’m loathe to add more unless really, really impressed.

One more thing to mention – I’ve not included any search-results-based feeds in the above doc, as I’m going through the process of testing/ updating/ adding new ones, as mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Any generally useful ones I’ll add at a later date.

And so it occurs to me how useful it would be (for me as much as anyone) for other, more illustrious online journalism bods, to share their feeds with the masses.

Whose up for an RSS amnesty?


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3 Responses to “RSS amnesty”

  1. Katchooo Says:

    Thanks Murray – you just saved me about five hours work.

  2. paulbradshaw Says:

    Wonderful – one day I’ll sort my RSS feeds so they’re also not as random/personal, and will publish the resulting xml.

  3. Yahoo Pipe for new news sources « slewfootsnoop Says:

    […] A while ago I posted up all my source-based feeds in an RSS Amnesty. […]

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