Tip of My Tongue – for the terminologically turgid

Here’s another useful engine – take a look at Tip of My Tongue.

Here you will find a range of tools which can help you deal with writer’s block/ short-term memory loss/ loss of marbles.

I particularly like the first one – Partial Word search. Not only does it allow you to find the word perched awkwardly on the tip of your tongue (by searching for letters which start, feature in, or end it), it also allows you an element of verbal speculation.

For example, throw ex in to the Starts with box, and ate in the Ends with box, and hey presto – you can exarate all manner of hidden gems which should help exacuate your wits. Use it to excogitate different verbal themes, and expurgate your prose of cliche.

OK, so taking a step back from the old verbal diarrhoea for a second, do take a look. It’s a really interesting addition to the field of the online reference source.

As far as sources for this tool are concerned, I didn’t spot anything on the blog, but having run searches on some of the above terms, I see that the wording of definitions in this source seem broadly the same as those found at The Free Dictionary.


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