A minor whinge about Twitter ‘trends’…

The Twitter blog have been making a big deal of their trends of late.

Which is great – keeping up on trends by volume of posting provides a valuable insight into what people are really talking about.

But in keeping with the wisdom of crowds ethos, the ‘soft’ issues are all of American origin.

Now I don’t doubt for one second that there are plenty of UK-based Twitterers who are as clued up and enthused about Palin, Obama and Paulson (???) as anyone States-side, and so are contributing to these ‘most Twittered’ stats.

But we here in the UK have our own peculiar obsessions, foibles and peccadillos – be they technological or political.

So what I’m basically getting at is: wouldn’t it be possible for the provision of trends of keyword by place in Twitter, thus allowing us to find out what Twitterers in the UK, in (or near) Bristol and Belfast and Blairgowrie are Twittering about?

Must be possible, right?

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