Some new developments in

So finally my interweb is back up at home – after a week’s downtime.


Last week I was driven into the cold and soulless sanctuary of work while on leave because of it.


Inbetween these traipses out West, and into town, I also got first-hand experience of just how restrictive it can be trying to make proper use of a computer in half-hour chunks down at my local public library.


God knows how those ‘terrorists’ whose nefarious library use prompted the Patriot Act, get their terrorising done.  They must touch-type to 120 words per minute.


Anyways – today I’ve read of two interesting developments at Alt Search Engines.


The first says Google is now searching for synonyms automatically.


What I find interesting both about this post, and the post from the Google blog heralding the new service, is that neither mention that this has been an optional service for some time.  By using the tilde (~) before a search term you can find synonyms for that word in Google.


It’s important that any users of bear this in mind, because the automatic synonyms don’t appear to be working in the UK versions yet – check the difference between a search for marriage and ~marriage.


Secondly, it seems now also has a default prediction feature – again, nice work if you can get it, but a cookie in my browser seems to be stopping me looking at now, I’m sure I used to be able to switch between .com and in my address bar, but not any more it seems.


Thankfully there’s a link to Go to to the bottom-left of the search box…

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2 Responses to “Some new developments in”

  1. albloggs Says:

    I tried the tilde (~) before a word but it did not seem to work either. I was in alright. It merely returned the normal search results. No synonyms of the word per se. May be I have the cookies as well (…)

    An interesting synchronicity:

    I hit the wrong key at the bottom right (“Try Google Experimental”) and ended up in “Alternative Views For Search Results” which is equally interesting. I suggest you have a look if you haven’t done so already (…)

  2. slewfootsnoop Says:

    Hi Al – you mean the Info view, Timeline view, Map view etc.?

    Yeah I’ve had a look at these recently – very interesting. Though personally I think Yahoo were doing something even better with SearchMonkey, allowing webmasters to determine how their own results are presented in Yahoo.

    And I think Yahoo BOSS may yet have the potential to go even further than this.

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