Colin Myler: a disgrace to journalism

So, having been caught with his trousers round his ankles, what was Colin Myler’s reaction to the High Court decision in favour of Max Mosely in his privacy suit against the News of the Screws?

…our press is less free today after another judgement based on privacy laws emanating from Europe

Where have we heard that before?

Would that his opinion (or Murdoch’s, come to that) were worthy of the piece of paper it’s written on.

The jury will note that Myler, while editor of the Sunday Mirror, was responsible for the publishing of invasive pictures of Princess Diana, taken while she worked out in a gym.

In his second stint as editor of the Sunday Mirror, Myler was forced to resign following a decision to publish a story which brought about the collapse of the trial of two Leeds United footballers, concerning racially motivated GBH.

Furthermore, closer inspection of Court proceedings in today’s case offers what looks like an acknowledgment from Myler that the Screws undertook blackmail in their (his) pursuit of the Mosely ‘story’.

But hey, all these people are rich and trying to do us down, why should the man on the street care about this case?

Try a quick search of news of the world privacy in the PCC website, and you’ll get your answer.

The Screws publishes stories which invade the privacy of ‘ordinary people’ with some frequency – but its only when they pick on the likes of Mosely that they come a cropper.

In any other profession, where someone of Myler’s standing did such damage to his collective profession, he’d be run out of town and would never find work again.

It is a disgrace to British journalism that this man continues in his post.


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One Response to “Colin Myler: a disgrace to journalism”

  1. albloggs Says:

    Excellent point (in my humble opinion).

    Roy Greenslade’s statement (“Daily Mirror” former editor) adds support to your view.

    “I really don’t think the press needs to worry about an incursion into its freedom. It’s quite clear to me that we are as free today as we were yesterday and last week. We simply have to say to ourselves: is there a reason for doing what we’re doing?”

    Statement quoted from Andy Smith writing for “The Independent” on-line today (25/07/08).

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