Half-a-week in online journalism

Wednesday brought news that The Telegraph have teamed up with Google.

Telegraph journalists will now benefit from a range of communications and group-work systems, following a 6-month trial period of the joint venture. The system will move the group towards a ‘cloud computing’ newsroom model – very impressive.

The following day, Telegraph readers were treated to a round-up of the search behemoths’ best features.

Which is fine.  Albeit, a good few column inches are dedicated to Google’s market superiority and creative working environment, at the expense of a more rigorous look at Google’s myriad features (there’s no mention of Google Scholar, Google Alerts, Google Reader, iGoogle, etc. etc. etc.).

Still, at least this hints at a counter-argument to those who are dismissive of Google’s marketing nouse.

Cynicism aside, there are hundreds of reasons why you should use Google.

Friday brought a cool 100.


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