They care a lot

Everyone heave a sigh of relief.


The Daily Mail have finally cottoned on to the threat to our lives and liberties that Google Street View constitutes.


Bobbie Johnson has teased out an interesting angle on this mock outrage over at The Guardian.  He suggests the Mail are using this issue as further stuffing for the straw man David Davis has erected in the name of our civil liberties (over the Government’s proposed 42 days detention policy).


Never mind the Mail’s uneasy relationship with other areas of our civil liberties like stop and search, what about it’s attitude to the privacy of the very people it’s frothing at the mouth on behalf of over this issue – i.e. us?


I guess we should really ask Mrs Karen Elton, whose privacy The Mail invaded when publishing a picture of her dead husband, or maybe we should ask Mr & Mrs Ragsdell of Burrelton whose privacy The Mail invaded over a land dispute they were involved in.


Perhaps Miss Verona Humphrey might provide an insight, given the Scottish Mail’s intrusion into the private matter of her divorce, or Mr Sean Gregan and Ms Melissa Kirkham whose child’s privacy The Mail invaded in name of ‘journalism’.


An anonymous employee of Mr Nigel Cary might also have something to say on The Mail’s take on privacy, after they intruded into sexual assault allegations concerning them…


(Apologies for the brevity here, I only had the time/patience to go as far as page 3 in the search results for daily mail privacy on the PCC website – you’d better believe there are many, many others who have experienced The Mail’s rather selective concerns over privacy over the years).

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