Whose setting the news agenda: Access Interviews

Here’s an update on yesterday’s post.

Having rooted around a little more, I have discovered that one of the journalists profiled on Getting Ink Results* – Rob McGibbon – also happens to be responsible for anther useful journalistic source: Access Interviews.

Access Interviews is a reference source for finding out who is being interviewed in the UK media at the moment – including print, broadcast and online. The page is set up like an online newspaper – with the most clicked-on interviewees floating to the top of the page.

The site itself offers several suggestions as to why its a useful source.

But I wanted to include an extra reason. Interviews can crop up in pretty much any section of a newspaper, from arts features to world news. As such, it can be incredibly difficult using newspaper cuttings databases and the like to get an up-to-date overview of who is saying what.

And for that reason, it’s a source worth looking out for.

*Apologies to Sally Whittle, author of the Getting Ink sites, for incorrectly attributing Getting Ink Requests to Rob McGibbon here (since ammended). I got a bit lost between pages when I was reviewing the site, and didn’t take time to work out what was going on.


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