Janet Daley’s head disappears up her moral maze

Janet Daley, probably the highest paid troll in the UK’s media, has lashed out at dear old Aunty today.


And although I know nothing good will come of this, I’ve decided to bite.


As trolling goes, this is my favourite type of bait – it’s lean on fact, but absolutely stuffed to the gills with hectoring recrimination and threat.


These factors are, of course, essentials in all her output.  But with this particular subject matter (the BBC Trust’s findings about how the corporation pays it’s ‘talent’), it’s probably a good thing there’s so little fact.  Especially given the consequences of one of her esteemed colleagues’ attempted Aunty-bashing of late.


Edward Roussel was rightly portrayed a whining page-view-grubber yesterday, when his interpretation of the bbc.co.uk ‘overspend’ was meticulously exposed by Grauniad readers.


You can’t help but feel Janet’s ambitions stretch beyond the bottom line on this matter though- she is a notorious ideologue.


Janet would like us to move toward a media landscape akin to her native America’s:


  • Where 48% of viewers of the dominant news broadcaster believe that the US uncovered proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and
  • Where ‘expertise’ from Pentagon stooges permeates all news broadcasters on the thorny issue of how things are going in Iraq.


And so to the killer quote:


If anybody is listening over there in Shepherd’s Bush, can I deliver a word of warning: there will be a terrible price to be paid for this arrogance in the not very distant future.


The mind boggles.


What are you doing Janet?  Are you really threatening Aunty?  What with?  Do you know something the rest of us don’t?


But most of all: Is there anything in this world so laughable tragic as an over-paid talking head with delusions of grandeur?


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