Miscellaneous new sources

In the absence of any major theme with which to put the world to rights today, here follows some new sources I think may have an application in journalism.


The first is a site developed by Greater London Volunteering group, and funded by London Councils – 2012 Volunteering Legacy.

It’s essentially a collection of resources to help people planning voluntary work around London – but also contains a calendar of forthcoming events any voluntary group can add to (there’s already a good few entries in there – so its worth keeping tabs on if you are forward planning).


The second is a new financial source –   Cash Questions. Though aimed more at consumers than professionals, if you are after the low-down on financial issues, it may be worth trawling through their archives, going forward (it’s a kind of wiki/answering service put together by personal finance journalists).


My third tip has a touch of the novelty about it – exboyfriendjewelry.com.


Here you will find spurned (and spurnee) women trying to punt the trinkets bought for them by exboyfriends and husbands.


This site is worthy of a feature in and of itself…


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