Addictomatic: The missing link in web evolution

Looking at my blog stats over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed the odd referral here and there from Netvibes.


Netvibes, and other web aggregators like iGoogle, are supposed to be the future of the web – pulling all the content you could possibly desire together on the one page, via the many widgets (or modules) provided.


But in my humble opinion, web aggregators like this are still fairly labour intensive to set up, and in any case require both a certain knowledge of what’s already out there, and sufficient confidence to develop your own personalised area.


In the wider scheme of web use, I would imagine this form of web aggregation is still very much in the ‘early adaptors’ stages, and I would question whether its even conceivable that the vast majority of web users could easily make the leap of faith from basic web search to setting up their own personal web aggregate.


So it’s with this leap of faith in mind that I wanted to mention a source passed on to me a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a low-maintenance, but highly utilitarian alternative to completely aggregated web content – Addictomatic.


Basically it’s a hybrid system – incorporating search and providing aggregated results. 


It lets you search for content across the web, then returns the content according to a set menu of modules – so you will get content back from:


  • News sources like and,
  • Personalised aggregation from the likes of Digg,
  • Socially bookmarked content from Delicious,
  • Video content from Truveo, Blinkx and Youtube,
  • Stills from Flickr,
  • Various blog streams, and plenty of other stuff too.


Interactivity is restricted to adding or deleting from a managable range of modules.


It doesn’t require any registration, and seems to me to be the perfect stepping stone between web search and fully aggregated web content.


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