The Blind leading the blind: Google search tip

Right – here’s a good quick-n-dirty advanced tip for Google searching.

Hands up fans of author José Saramago, who have learned that his timeless book Blindness has been turned into a film (by Fernando Meirelles), and premiered at Cannes last night?

OK, hands down.

Those of you interested in finding out when we can catch the film in the UK will have already explored Time Out, the Guardian’s film section, and maybe even your local cinema listings. And if you’re anything like me you will have raged at the screen when you couldn’t find this information.

So – over to Google. A simple search (say london cinema blindness) will return a couple of valid (if fundamentally useless) pages, but otherwise an awful lot of irrelevant stuff. You will see that the engine has conjugated the term blindness, so the results include pages for London pubs called The Blind Beggar, and Three Blind Mice. Not to mention the other results which refer to actors playing blind characters in other films.

So how to avoid these irrelevant results? Just put a plus sign (+) before the term blindness, and that term won’t be conjugated by Google – this is especially useful where you are looking for the exact case of a word (should it form part of the title of a work of art, like here, or for any other reason).

Searching for london cinema +blindness will still return irrelevant pages, but searching through them is much easier.

That said, I still can’t find this info out. Can anyone out there help…


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