Google Maps Street View: coming to a town near you?

Apparently Google have developed sophisticated face-blurring technology in a bid to protect the privacy of those of us captured in any forthcoming filming for it’s Street View service, within Google Maps.

Privacy concerns were raised across several cities States-side last year prior to their roll-out within the service. Meanwhile further concerns have been raised in EU countries, where citizens are protected by a general right to privacy, under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

This news is timely given reports last week which show that the explosion of CCTV in the UK has, according to police, failed to impact significantly on crime.

Which begs the question: if we can’t even rely on surveillance technology whose sole purpose is to reliably capture the faces of those committing crime, then what chance have snoops and e-baddies got of using Street View images to create digital dossiers of our movement and whereabouts?

But then of course, this presupposes what may be done with these images in future.

It also presumes that the CCTV technology we all tip the tax man for is as technologically sophisticated as Google’s cam selotaped to a van,

Bearing in mind the speed at which said van is likely to move round London (or any of our other perpetually gridlocked UK cities), they might get the job done quicker and cheaper by hiring an army of censors, and an industrial-sized order of magic markers…


UPDATE: it seems its not just haughty Europeans who are concerned about the impact of Google Street View on their privacy.

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One Response to “Google Maps Street View: coming to a town near you?”

  1. novaloca Says:

    Never mind Google, we have Street Level View already, check out….

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