‘Googlebombing’ Amazon: publishers get smart

So it seems even book publishers are getting in on the SEO game these days, according to this piece of speculation in today’s Torygraph.

Its frankly amazing (if true) that we are moving from a period in which librarians and archivists had to make the best of whatever information trickled through from publishers, to an era in which the very creation of fiction incorporates its ease of finding online.

So, is this a welcome move toward easily findable fiction, or a cynical attempt to ‘Google-bomb’ Amazon?  Either way, the collective wisdom of book-buyers’ wallets will determine whether it takes off in any significant way throughout the rest of the industry.

Its best not to look a gift-horse in the mouth though – and anything which makes it easier to find contributors has got to be a good thing – as far as this blog is concerned, anyway.

Speaking of which – here seems like a good place to go over using Amazon to develop features ideas.

Of course all big publishing houses let the media know well in advance when one of their publications is heading for the shops.  But freelancers and citizen journalists can easily be left out of the loop. 

So try going to the books area of Amazon, and browsing through a subject-area (say political biographies).  You can then re-order your results by Publication date (see the drop-down, top-right). 

You might then find too many results due for publication too far in advance to be of much use, so skip forward (say to page 3 of the results), where you will find no shortage of pre-publication titles just ripe for writing features ideas around.


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