Acronym dictionary or Almanac of Victoriana?

If you find yourself confused (or angry – or both) by the many many ways in which English is being butchered modified in web 2.0, then here’s a starting point for you – AIM’s Internet Messenger Acronym Dictionary.

Of course from a generalist’s point of view (heaven knows there are no shortage of acronym dictionaries in every specialist field) something like this seems useful in principle.

But taking a cursory browse down some of the entries, I’m left feeling this source couldn’t be more repressed if the server it sits on was bursting out of a whale-bone corset.

It all seems so polite – prissy even.  Too much so to be genuinely useful out in the jungle of forums and Facebook.

Is SFETE (smiling from ear to ear) really le mot juste for IM users and other netizens who happen to be a chuffed? Doesn’t ring true for me, I must say. 

I mean WTF is the point in documenting new terminology for the web if you’re going to base it on language and idioms that would do Mary Whitehouse proud, FFS?

My advice: head over to the Urban Dictionary for a better reflection of web 2.0 argot.

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