Truveo: browse breaking UK TV news in one place

For a while now I’ve been pondering if there’s anything out there which will pool together and make available UK-based TV online news, from the dizzying array of providers who are now in the market.


The broadsheet press have been making inroads into TV news for a while now, creating their own channels here there and everywhere.  But The Telegraph, The Times, and The Guardian are not the only ones trying to woo online punters and their precious page views. 


The Mirror, The Sun, even The Daily Star are all out there in the online TV market, and when you then factor in the various strands of BBC news, ITN, AND all that news content available from MSN UK, and Youtube (syndicated from Reuters, Associated Press and Press Association and many, many others), things begin to look more than a little information overload.


Which is where Truveo can be really handy.  Don’t be off-put by the initial screen – you might question the value in using this rather than Youtube or MSN UK, but I’ve found that it’s more up-to-date than either, and draws content from a greater spread of providers (and especially news providers). 


And in any case, I’ve found especially with Youtube that the up-to-date-ness of its content is dependent as much on people illicitly posting content, as on the provider taking their channel seriously in the site.  This doesn’t seem to be the case with Truveo, which draws its content exclusively from reputable primary sources and syndication sites.


Use this link to browse breaking UK news in real time.  In the past half-hour I’ve been really impressed with what it’s pulling up in terms of timeliness (though best to ignore the mighty CNN advertised content in the column on the right, which is far from timely).


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2 Responses to “Truveo: browse breaking UK TV news in one place”

  1. amauvais Says:

    Great article.
    Note that if you go to UK Search Destination site: instead of as suggested in your article, you will get results that are more relevant to UK users than you would when querying the US search site.
    And you will get the BBC in the right hand side column instead of CNN.



  2. slewfootsnoop Says:

    Quality tip – cheers amauvais – I’ll update the site later…

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