Amy Winehouse spotted shooting up…

…the national news agenda!


So this one’s aimed at entertainment hacks and researchers.  MSN Live have developed a search engine for tracking the rise and fall of celebrities, called xRank. The rankings are based on a combination of search volume, (hence bottom-up) as well as news volume (hence top-down) in the dizzying and depressing world of sleb obsession.


Clicking on a celebrity’s name will take you to recently published stories about them, which can be pretty useful.


That said, it looks a bit one-paced by comparison with the BBC’s Celebdaq – where you will find a forward planning tool to suggest which celebrities are likely to make the news in coming days/week (see the Daq Diary), and where you can actually influence (no matter how infinitesimally) events courtesy of their Trader’s Choices.


In any case, if you are pursuing entertainment stories, and could make use out of either source, you might also want to think about how to contact these celebrities – take a look at (if you don’t have a subscription to Celebrities Worldwide, Spotlight or Artistes and Agents.


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