Bazalgette: snake oil and spin

Peter Bazalgette has banged his gums about privatising Channel 4, and BBC Radios 1 and 2.


Not content with serving us up Big Brother and Deal or no Deal (to name just some of the televisiual Mogadon he’s responsible for), he’s of the opinion that the UK’s broadcast media should open itself up even more to the lowest common denominator market.


Of course with the advent of IPlayer, the old problem of basing license fee payment upon ownership of a product which looks increasingly doomed to obsolescence will continue to rear its ugly head.  And the ever-fragmenting media landscape will continue to pressurise nationalised (and license-fee based) media in every country around the world, no matter the quality, no matter how import the public good.


But in coming out with these remarks in one breath, and claiming to speak up on behalf of national institutions like the Tate and the National Theatre in the next, Bazalgette comes across like Sweeney Todd doing a commercial for Claims Direct.


Have you felt the urge to set up a worthy production company in the last 3 years? If so you could be entitled to some license fee money.  Call Peter Bazalgette for a free, no-obligation quote now…


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