Think local act BLOGal…

Top tip: Anyone interested in a one-stop-shop for UK regional newspapers online should take a look at this page in ABYZ News Links. Its a good idea to use this source in conjunction with Paperboy, an international site which does roughly the same thing (albeit with less of an English-language bias). I did a quick root around in both for coverage in Edinburgh, and found that their lists vary slightly – so to be sure, check out both.

These sites will be useful both for journalists in the regions wanting to cover all angles, and for national journalists working on stories in localities they aren’t familiar to.

Of course you can make the maximum use of the sources covered here, once you’ve found them, by subscribing to a news aggregator (say Bloglines), searching out their specific RSS feeds and subscribing (for more on news aggregators take a look here). This will take some of the effort out of keeping tabs on these sources, by getting them to update you as the day’s news breaks.

The reason I mention using ABYZ (and Paperboy) in conjunction with Bloglines (or any other aggregator), is because I found a quick search for Edinburgh in Blogline’s feeds brought back a whole lot of random stuff that has limited journalistic appeal, and you may be put off browsing through the results if too many seem a bit random. For example, a blog called Edinburgh Erotica appears second top in the results, with 30 subscribers – which may be useful if you are interested in the lust-lives of randy Edinburgers, but is not much cop if you are trying to find out what’s going on news-wise in the city.

And while we’re on the subject of newspaper coverage, anyone (who happens to be poly-lingual) wanting a quick and dirty guide to what’s got the world talking today, be sure and visit the Newseum, where you can browse a selection of the day’s front pages from around the world.



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