Google News tracks yackity yack…

Google News has rolled out a new feature today, here it is from the horse’s mouth.


Running a search for a name – say Mugabe – in Google News will now return that individual’s most recent quotes in the media. This is an amazingly useful tool, as anyone mad enough to have phrase searched a name in conjunction with a single quotation mark (i.e. me) will attest to.  Finding quotes in standard free-text can be a nightmare, given you search for a name, and invariably find the quotations of others in the same article, with (until now) no real means of ensuring their attribution beforehand.


The quote appears directly above your search results.  Just underneath tells you which source carried it, and how many other occurrences there are in Google News at the time.  


Click on the quotee’s full name under the quote, and you’ll be taken through to the full list of their outpourings, which you can then order either by relevance (default), or chronologically.  In this example, I can see the earliest result goes back to the 26th of March.  So basically it goes back as far as the 30-day limit in Google News does – a very impressive bit of retrospective tweaking.


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