B0nely planet: “The table-service was excellent”…

Oh dear.  Just when you thought it was safe to head off into the wicked old world out there with your trusty Lonely Planet guide under your arm, safe in the knowledge that the cakes you bought from a cake shop in Trieste under their guidance actually DID once serve James Joyce, it turns out you might have to think again.

One of the publication’s contributing authors has claimed he made bits up, took freebies, peddled drugs to get by, and even shagged waitresses while he was supposed to be double-checking his facts and itineraries. Shocking behaviour!

Anways, yet again it shows those establishment sources we all look to to keep our poor, disorganised and unauthorised lives in check, aren’t all sweetness and light (unlike the cakes).

Yes, checks and balances are in place at most, and this (we hope!) is the exception rather than the rule, but any suggestion that the rise of Citizen Journalism will turn the world upside down and ruin civilisation as we know it should really be seen in the context of cautionary tales like this.

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