Internet meltdown

Had a brief chuckle today on watching Paul McInness’s *vee-log* (there’s one of those missing sixteen thousand hyphens he investigated a while ago) in the Guardian today.

In a piece of video dripping with Chris Morris-esq mischief (both in form and content), he cites the increasing bandwidth taken up by consumers of BBC’s I-player, amongst other video streaming services, as being responsible for bringing the network to its knees (based on a very interesting article by David Smith in The Observer last sunday).

Can’t help but feel there may be a (self-conscious) dig at some of the traditional print media who are bounding into the online TV bandwagon here too, though.  The Telegraph and The Times  have their own online TV channels, which it might be argued represents a blind lunge after the audiences who are coming to their home pages less and less these days. 

Of course from an online research (or citizen journalist’s) perspective, these new channels are an interesting addition to the media landscape.  There’s all sorts of potential for the syndicated news actuality you can pick up here.  But where are the ‘producers’ actually going with it?… 

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