Digg and domains

There’s an interesting look at The most popular Digg users & Domains in Neutralize from yesterday.

The domains bit especially interested me.  Youtube was responsible for more than twice the front page stories on Digg of any other source, though I wonder how many of these front page *stories* were cannibalised from the MSM. 

There’s a good representation of UK sources – suggesting that as aggregators go, its not a bad place to start looking for UK-based stories.  That said, though the BBC, Telegraph and Daily Mail are all represented in the top 10, I wonder how far down The Grauniad and Times are.   Bloglines tells me that The Grauniad has 20,000 subscribers to its primary news feed, while the Daily Mail only has 32! 

Then again, a look at usage in Alexa shows The Times, Daily Mail and Guardian roughly even at the moment, on around 1800 page impressions per million daily reach.

So how to account for this imbalance?  Are Digg users more stimulated by the right-wing bias in the Mail?

The prevalence of Arstechnica, Gizmodo and Engadget shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise – Digg is clearly dominated still by people on the lookout for techy/gadget news and stories.


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