A decent search engine for music at last?

Like I’m sure many people, I was mortified when Singing Fish was bought out and butchered into AOL video.  In the intervening period, I’ve experimented with the audio search filters in Dogpile, Metacrawler and Alltheweb, with varying degrees of success.

But I’ve just stumbled upon a new one: seeqpod

You can either search or *discover*, whereby it will find *similar* content to your search.  Running a search for Santogold, the results came back with a link to a M.I.A track, and I guess you could say the two have a few things in common musically (and Santogold has supported M.I.A live before).

There’s no filtering beforehand with this engine, it returns music results along with TV, and any other broadcast media it can find, and allows you to create your own playlists with the content (you can also embed what you find in your own site).  When you bear in mind that some of today’s artists go straight to Youtube and upload their audio as video, with a still (presumably because of the audience they can tap into in Youtube), this is a great idea.  Theres a real mix of sources here too, from amateur to recognised media companies.

For example, I discovered to my horror I couldn’t buy Santogold‘s single Creator on iTunes because its apparently only available to a US audience – when I search in iTunes, it finds nothing. 

Being wise cookies, the band have removed the track where its been made available (and searchable, using the site: command in Google) from all the main file-sharing sites.  So what to do?  Youtube of course!

Anyways, this looks like it could become a very useful source, so I’ve added it to the Commercial music sources page in my site.

Be aware however, that you cannot download music from seeqpod, unlike some of the other sources out there. That said, its a good way to avoid anything illegal copyright-wise.


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